Take a tour of PedigreePoint

PedigreePoint is a web based pedigree report generator using PHP scripts and running on a web server.  It also uses MySQL as the database. All the scripts are supplied and can be modified by the user to meet their requirements.

Search Page

The user typically enters a search string in the Search page as shown below. The main elements of the search are the "Field to search" which is usually name, the database to search (you can host any number of breed databases) and the search string.

To refine the search you can optionally select:

  • a specific gender
  • entries with titles or without titles
  • entries born within the last 5, 10, 15 or 20 years
  • entries that have no sire or dam

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Advanced Search Page

There is also an advanced search page (screen shot below) that allows you to set up to four considtions that are all ANDed together (in other words they must all be true for there to be a match) or ORed together (in other words either of the conditions can be true for there to be a match). When using a combination of ANDs and ORs the parenthese "(" indicate the order in which they are evaluated. The individual tests allow setting "anywhere in field", "exact", "at beginning" or "at end".


Search Results

This then returns a list of matching names. Underneath each name is a link to either a pedigree or breeding report. These reports in turn contain links to reports for the related entries listed in them.

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The search page has links various reports as listed in the following sections.

Pedigree Report

This is a standard "boxed" pedigree. The number of generations is selected on the Search page. (Screen shot below courtesy of Christine Nichols). All ancestors are hyperlinked so clicking on one takes the user to the pedigree for that ancestor.

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Offspring Report

The offspring report lists the subject entries main details, sire, dam and then each litter they have produced in date order with the mate and offspring.


Sibling Report

The sibling report lists the subject entries main details, sire, dam and then the full siblings, dam and sire siblings grouped by mate.



Vertical Pedigree

The vertical pedigree is the same as a normal pedigree except that for each ancestor it lists the full siblings, hyperlinked and with some details like color and date of birth..


Reverse Pedigree

The reverse pedigree shows the immediate offspring of the subject in the first generation, then for each of those offspring, its immediate offspring are listed. This proceeds up to the set number of generations - usually 5.


Trial Mating

Any two existing entries in the database can be combined in a hypothetical mating. The form below is used to enter the name, sex, sire and dam.


After clicking on the 'Create trial mating' button a pedigree is displayed as shown below.